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martedì 13 febbraio 2007

Adolph Galland's report regarding the Me 262

On 22 May, 1943 Adolf Galland (who as General der Jagdflieger was responsible for directing fighter operations) made his first flight in the new jet fighter. Galland was so impressed that in his report he urged production of the Bf 109 be ended to free up production capacities for the Me 262; here's the original report (in English):
Berlin, 25 May 1943

Most esteemed Herr Generalfeldmarschall!

On Saturday, the 22nd of the month, I tested the ME 262 at Augsburg in the presence of Oberst Petersen and other persons from the Technical Office. I would have preferred to report personally to the Generalfeldmarschall and also elaborate on other matters, however I was so occupied after my visit to Sicily that there was simply no time. The Reichmarschall has ordered me to report today.

Concerning the Me 262, I beg to state the following:
1.) The aircraft represents an enormous leap forward, it would give us an unimaginable lead over the enemy if he adheres to the piston engine.
2.) In-flight handling of the airframe is impressive.
3.) The power plants are fully convincing, except during take-off and landing.
4.) The aircraft offers entirely new tactical prospects.

I beg to submit the following proposal: The Fw 190 D is under development, its performance should match the Me 209's in all respects. The performance of the two types, however, will not be superior to the enemy's models, particularly at altitude. The only progress seems to be in armament and higher speeds.

  1. Me 209 be discontinued
  2. Total fighter production to switch from the Fw 190 with BMW 801 to the Fw 190 with DB 603 and Jumo 213 respectively.
  3. The construction and industrial capacities thus released to be concentrated on the Me 262, with immediate effect.

I shall report immediately on my return.

Heil Hitler! Herr Generalfeldmarschall your most obedient servant.


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